# I-3635

Jewelry Type: Gold, Diamonds, Necklace
Stones: Diamonds
Clarity: SI2-I1
Color: F-G-H
Metal: 14k White Gold/ Yellow Gold
New Replacement Value: $950.00

Jessup’s Sale Price: $512.00

Description: 14 karat white and yellow gold, diamond
necklace. The elongated oval center has a smaller
dangle inside. The total weight of the diamonds are
.50 carat. The quality is SI2-I1; F-G-H. The necklace
measures approximately eighteen inches and weighs
7.2 grams. This item is new.

SI1-SI2: Meaning: Inclusions are not noticeable to an
unaided eye. The GIA identifies the color Grade F, as
colorless (perfect). The GIA identifies G-H, as nearly
colorless (near perfection)