# A51680

Jewelry Type: Brooch/Pendant
Stone: Onyx/ Black and White
Size: 1 1/4 in. Length
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Original Price: $1,000.00

*SOLD* Jessup’s Price: $599.00

Description: This Antique Victorian Onyx Cameo
Brooch, is a high relief of a womans profile with
beautiful detail in the carving of this peice. Cameos
were created so that God’s and Royalty could have
their profiles immortalized in stone. Later, before the
age of photography they were created to show the
beauty of someone they cared deeply for. Now, as
that symbol, only given to a very special person.
Onyx has been used as early as the Second Dynasty
in Egypt. Prized for it beauty, it’s made into bowls,
pottery, beads, cameos, brooches and many other