# A1844

Jewelry Type: Brooch
Stones: Multi
Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
Original Price: $1,000.00

*SOLD* Jessup’s Price: $349.00

Description: This a a New Item. This unique 14k
yellow gold fish motif brooch is a custom, handmade
piece. Carved colorless quartz fish with tourmaline
bubbles. The height if this brooch is two inches.

Quartz: Not only prized for its beauty, quartz has
been used since ancient times for everything, from
fine jewelry to hand tools, and now today, even
used in commercial industry.

Tourmaline: Is a naturally forming semi-precious
gemstone. Heavily traded by European traders, some
fine gems and specimen material has been produced
in the United States, with the first discoveries in
1822, in the state of Maine.California became a
large producer of tourmaline in the early 1900s.
The Maine deposits generally produce crystals in
raspberry pink-red as well as minty greens.
The California deposits, known for bright pinks,
as well as bi-colors. During the early 1900s,
California and Maine were the world's largest
producers of gem tourmalines.